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What can you expect in our Premixed Tea Packs?

With PIKPAK Distributors, you can always expect products with a high level of quality Tea no matter whether you order Normal Tea or Rooibos Tea. In each pack, will arrive the premixed Sugar and Creamer with your Tea separate. As the leading Tea Distributors in South Africa, PIKPAK Distributors strives to bring you only the best in Office Beverage Supplies.

How would you use Tea Premixes?

Each of our Premixed Tea bags are measured to last a full tea or lunch time, the Tea is packaged is to allow for each cup to have 250ml. There is enough sugar to sweeten each cup with 2 spoons of sugar. For every one litre of premixed Tea you can make 4 cups. Therefore, if you have 44 staff members who drink Tea you will order a bag for 11 litres. You can determine the strength of your Tea by how much time you leave the Tea bag in the Urn.

What are some of the benefits of purchasing our Premixed Tea Packs?

  • Knowing you will stick to a fixed budget on your consumables.
  • Gain more valuable time from your staff that would usually be wasted waiting to make Tea.
  • Save on wastage of Tea, sugar and milk.
  • No travelling to and from the shops.
  • Impress your clients with delicious Tea served quickly.
  • Always have the right quantities of everything... never run out of milk again!
  • Knowing you are receiving a trusted and tasty brand.
  • Save on money! Save on time!

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Tea:

  1. Tea helps us keep young by preventing the body from “rusting” with all its Antioxidants. These beautiful antioxidants protect us from damage from pollution.
  2. Teas have less than Caffeine than what coffee contains. This will irritate your nervous system far less than Coffee.
  3. There have been many studies to show that Tea may reduce the risk of a heart attack and a stroke. Green Tea has proven to be the best in helping prevent these health conditions.
  4. Although not much research has been done on this there are studies that have shown drinking Tea in large amounts has helped with weight loss. You can even get it in a pill form which helps weight loss.
  5. Drinking green Tea has been shown in recent studies may help to prevent bone loss.
  6. Japanese researchers have found that drinking Tea as compared to other beverages does not erode the tooth enamel as much and keeping your smile brighter for longer. This is done when drinking Tea as it changes the pH of your mouth.
  7. Drinking Tea can help build your immune system by ‘tuning up’ immune cells so they can reach their target quicker.
  8. There has been some research to support drinking Tea ha helped reduce cancer and even battle it.
  9. Tea can be good for your health. If you drink Herbal teas in such as Chamomile, which helps with Irritable Bowel Syndrome as it is antispasmodic and Ginger Tea can calm nausea.
  10. Unadulterated tea can be a great no-calorie alternative to water. This can either be drunk hot or cold with a cinnamon stick or ginger added.

For any queries on Custom Tea Orders please phone us on 031 837 0000.

About PIKPAK Distributors...

For over 25 years we have been managing companies Tea and Coffee Supplies. On a monthly basis, we analyse and assess the correct amount of coffee, tea, sugar, creamer and milk needed by the employees of your company and deliver efficiently. Saving you both money and time!

We Offer:

  • *30 Day Accounts
  • *Prompt Efficient Service Delivery
  • *Courtesy Calls every 2 weeks


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