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As a main Coffee Distributor and Supplier of Bulk Premixed Coffee Online in South Africa we pride ourselves in the quality of our Coffee Premixes we supply to the continuously growing working community. We have faith that our product will only not improve the general disposition of your workers but the general productivity rate of the company. As our saying goes “Good days start off with good coffee, but great days start off with PIKPAK Distributors' Coffee and you”!

What type of Premixed Coffee Packs does PIKPAK Distributors supply?

We supply two main types of Coffee Premix Packs. We have an Instant Coffee and Granulated Coffee Premixes. Both Premixes come with your sugar and creamer mixed and the coffee separate. You can decide on the strength you would like your coffee to be per cup as well as the sweetness level per cup. Our standard Premixed Coffee Packs calculates for a sweetness level of 2 sugars per cup (250ml). You can request an order of standard Coffee Premixes which includes the creamer or a Black Coffee Premix which excludes the creamer. We can organize specialty Coffees, but this will depend on the size of the order.
Please contact us on 031 837 0000 to confirm whether we can accommodate your request.

What benefits can my company get from Coffee Premixes?

  • It keeps your workers alert. As one of the most common stimulants found in consumable products, caffeine helps people stay awake as well as giving them the boost they need to their Central Nervous System to increase productivity. This can only stand to benefit your company especially in a hands-on environment where a lapse of judgement could lead to a serious accident.
  • Regular coffee breaks have proven in studies to raise productivity levels. Coffee breaks not only become a time to revive and refresh the mind physically but a time to clear the mind and refocus.
  • Set coffee times where staff congregate in a common area allows them to socialise and even problem solve together creating a much desired harmony in the work place.
  • A good idea is to place a coffee pot in your boardroom for strategy meetings to keep the mind alert help allow the ideas to flow during brainstorming.
  • There have been studies conducted in the United States of America that show that those who don’t consume coffee on a regular basis have a 10% increased chance of dying sooner than those who do.
  • Research has shown that a cup of black coffee can deliver Anti-Inflammatories which can provide relief from pains such as headaches. This can also help with the discomfort created by sitting at a desk all day. It also said to provide more antioxidants than a serving of berries.
  • Research in 2011 show the Top 5 professions who consume Coffee are as follows:
    • Scientist/ Lab Technician
    • Marketing/PR Professional
    • Education Administrator
    • Editor/Writer
    • Healthcare Administrator
  • Scientific experiments with rats have shown that even just the aroma of coffee has reduced stress levels. This has proven to be especially effective for those of us who suffer from sleep-deprivation. Results have shown that rats exposed to the aroma of coffee manufactured healthy proteins, as opposed to those which protected the nerve cells from stress-related damage.
  • Caffeine has been proven to increase metabolic activity, this is why many commercial fat burning supplements have included this ingredient.

As with everything in life enjoy your cups of coffee in moderation!

About PIKPAK Distributors...

For over 25 years we have been managing companies Tea and Coffee Supplies. On a monthly basis, we analyse and assess the correct amount of coffee, tea, sugar, creamer and milk needed by the employees of your company and deliver efficiently. Saving you both money and time!

We Offer:

  • *30 Day Accounts
  • *Prompt Efficient Service Delivery
  • *Courtesy Calls every 2 weeks


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PikPak Distributors is one of the leading Tea & Coffee Suppliers around!  Our Coffee Company prides itself on excellent service, fair prices and a goal on saving each and every customer money, time and issues of monthly grocery buying!

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