PIKPAK Distributors - Soup and Soya Powder Suppliers South Africa

PIKPAK Distributors are also Soup and Soya Powder Product Distributors in South Africa. We stock 25kg bulk bags of Soya & Soup Powder and can be packed into any quantities you are looking for. We deliver to all over South Africa with exceptional service, many clients have named us to have the best Soup and Soya Powder Supplies and Service. Simply give us a call or drop us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can help supply and deliver to you today!

Why PIKPAK Distributors for my Company Soup and Soya Powder Supplies?

The answer to that could not be any straightforward than this, impeccable customer service, helpful and friendly staff, puntual delivery and customizable choices that can be fitted to the needs of your company while saving you quite the expenses. PIKPAK Distributors is not simply an option, we are THE Best Soup and Soya Suppliers in South Africa.

Brands we supply as Soup and Soya Distributors:

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Knorr Powders

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Imana Powders

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Maggi Powders

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Royco Powders

Custom Soup and Soya Packages 

We are able to custom pack coffee into any size you need, as we are able to figure out exactly what quantities your employees need. Creating your company's unique Custom Soup and Soya Packages that can save you money on unnecessary expenses.

About PIKPAK Distributors...

For over 25 years we have been managing companies Tea and Coffee Supplies. On a monthly basis, we analyse and assess the correct amount of coffee, tea, sugar, creamer and milk needed by the employees of your company and deliver efficiently. Saving you both money and time!

We Offer:

  • *30 Day Accounts
  • *Prompt Efficient Service Delivery
  • *Courtesy Calls every 2 weeks


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Contact Us

PikPak Distributors is one of the leading Tea & Coffee Suppliers around!  Our Coffee Company prides itself on excellent service, fair prices and a goal on saving each and every customer money, time and issues of monthly grocery buying!

Unit 8/9 Prospecton Park
4 Transport Drive, South Africa
Phone: 031 837 0000
Email: sales@pikpak.co.za
Web: www.pikpak.co.za

PIKPAK Distributors.
You Pik. We Pak. Its Delivered!

  031 837 0000